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SWAGG 3: Sorcery
SWAGG 3 - Sorcery_FINAL10241024_1.jpg

Legendary catgirl and head of the Runes, Matilda Peppercorn, is called to some SWAGGey action when a swarm of strange visitors arrive at the School of I.C.E. with a message.

Someone, somewhere, is waking up.


But who? Scotland’s mysterious fairy folk and famous monsters? The race known only as ‘the Others’ who terrify all of witchkind? Or something much, much worse?


Yes, yes and … yes!

Dark forces are sweeping across the world. It’s going to take a team effort to fight off what’s awoken, if Tilly’s old friends and her new team of SWAGG can stop fighting with each other!


But Tilly’s been woken up too. She’s always been a legend.

But now, with SWAGG, she’s about to discover

her ultimate destiny ...


In a print book; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,

and now, for the first time ever for Jill Marshall Books,
in gorgeous collectable hardback!

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