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Cat Andrews is having a nightmare. Not only is her total best friend, Dolores, an uber-babe who attracts all attention including the nerdy adorable eyes of Freddie, but her mum is trying to force her into becoming biffles - or worse, SISTERS - with the daughter of her new man.

But that's not as bad as it gets. Oh no.

Because somehow, Cat seems to have been adopted by the lead singer of the world's most famous boy band. Cat hates boy bands, and especially Double Vision, and especially Jazzy D, the utterly ego-driven beefcake that now appears to have taken up residence in her garden shed.

For a girl who just wants to get by with as little attention as possible (as you would when you tower over most of the boys and have hair wings that flap in a light breeze), then it's all proving to be a bit of a trial. Cat's going to have write a few strongly worded letters to sort this one out.

From the author of the Jane Blonde series for girls, FANMAIL is a hilarious and emotional tale of teenage crushes, angst and unsocial media that rivals Louise Rennison for humour, and Meg Cabot for misfit heroines. Includes original songs recorded by 'DOUBLE VISION'.

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