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Crossed wires and synchronicities

Just a little everyday magic for today. It may sound like a Michael McIntyre sketch, but I swear it's true.

Some years ago, I was a awaiting a call from my friend and colleague, Geoff. Bang on time, because he's that kind of guy, my phone trilled. 'Hi, Geoff!' I said, not bothering to introduce myself. 'Hi, Jill!' he replied.

We exchanged a couple of how yas, then Geoff started relating his thoughts on my recent book submission. Fair enough, you might think. We both worked in books.

But it was only after a few minutes of chat that I realised something. I hadn't made a book submission to this Geoff - or any Geoffs, come to that. In fact, the conversation I was waiting to have was about Geoff's book, not mine.

So I slowly worked out what had happened. Somehow a former colleague, Jeff, had thought he was calling an existing client, Gill. Instead he mistakenly called me, Jill, at the exact moment I was waiting for a call from a different Geoff.

It still blows my mind to think about the bizarre telepathy that must have been going on for that to happen. I don't know if it meant anything or should have led somewhere - we ended the call quickly once I explained what had happened and got on with our intended calls instead.

But I think it must at least show the power of intention. I intended to speak to a Geoff, and I did. He intended to speak to a Jill, and he did. Somewhere in our universe, our wires crossed, almost literally.

We'll never know if the conversation we really should have been having was with each other, but I'm pretty sure that if it happened now I wouldn't just put the phone down and mutter, 'Well, that was weird!'.

Would you?

Cue Twilight Zone music ...

(Magical synchronicities inspire many of Jill's books. Check them out on

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