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Grab some SWAGG!
3D SWAGG 1 -  Spook
3D SWAGG 3 - Sorcery
3D Jack BC 2 -Dogfight
3D Stein & Frank BotUPE
3D Jane Blonde 3 - Twice the Spylet
3D Jane Blonde 1 - Sensational Spylet
3D Matilda Peppercorn 1 - Catgirl

19 books
5 series
1 awesome adventure

The SWAGG Collection from Jill Marshall  

Available now in ebook, paperback, and swanky collectable hardback

Welcome to the Jane Blonde Multi-verse

The SWAGG series 

The SWAGG Origin Series

SWAGG and the Origins Series in order

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Jill's YA and Adult Books

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