SWAGG 2: School of I.C.E


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It's time for Jack B-C to sort his special school out ... if he can fend of some Ancient Egyptian disasters in time! Can he trust his new friends to help him fight off the curse of the crackle and infiltrate the Shadows?
Jack had better watch his back - and his doghead! 

Join Jack and the SWAGG team - sensational uber-spy Jane Blonde,
Stein the scientific genius, spooky leader Gideon Flynn,
and legendary catgirl Matilda Peppercorn -
in the second in the spectacular SWAGG series,
School of I.C.E.

Where Jack B-C's story begins


Janey Brown, aka sensational spygirl Jane Blonde, has been out of spying for too long. Life's getting dull, and she needs a new mission. 

And when the mysterious Gideon Flynn turns up to request her help with the World Community Games, she thinks she might be on the right track. But as the mission and Gideon's team grow, she discovers some terrifying truths about the games, the gang ... and Gideon himself. 

Where Jane Blonde's story begins



About the author

Jill Marshall is the author of more than two dozen books including the best selling Jane Blonde series, the award-winning Doghead books and other fave characters for tweens, teens and above. 

In Lockdown 2020, Jill fulfilled her dream of pulling all her superhero characters into an Avengers-style ensemble series. She launched the first SWAGG book, Spook, with four more in the making.  Each team members has their own origin series, and they're all available here in an array of digital formats from print to ebook - including for the first time (officially) the complete Jane Blonde series. 

Jill writes books for all ages from kid to adult all sorts of digital ways. Some are even available in audio. Heck, some are available in song. Sign up for Jill's newsletter to stay ahead of the game and join in with some fab activities like Jillanory, reader events and pre-sale book access. 

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