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Grab some SWAGG!
3D SWAGG 1 -  Spook
3D SWAGG 3 - Sorcery
3D Jack BC 2 -Dogfight
3D Stein & Frank BotUPE
3D Jane Blonde 3 - Twice the Spylet
3D Jane Blonde 1 - Sensational Spylet
3D Matilda Peppercorn 1 - Catgirl

19 books
5 series
1 awesome adventure

The SWAGGbooks Collection
from Jill Marshall  

Available now in ebook, paperback, and swanky collectable hardback

The SWAGG series 

The SWAGG Origin Series

Jill's YA and Adult Books

Also available on Audible
About the author

Jill Marshall is the author of more than two dozen books including the best selling Jane Blonde (TM) series, the award-winning Doghead books and other fave characters for tweens, teens and above. 

In Lockdown 2020, Jill fulfilled her dream of pulling all Jane Blonde, Jack B-C, Catgirl Matilda Peppercorn and Stein of Stein&Frank into a multiversey ensemble series, under the leadership of my