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SWAGG 4: Soulforce

Destructive forces are stealing across the planet, causing rifts in families, in continents, in the Earth itself. And SWAGG’s beloved leader, Gideon Flynn, is rapidly becoming more shadow than light.


As super-scientist Stein races to create a way to help bring Gideon back from the Shadows, they realise Flynn knows what’s coming ... and he knows how to stop it. Can SWAGG save him before he disappears forever into the blackness? Or is it the end - for everyone ... 


SWAGG 4: Soulforce is not just the last book in the SWAGG series. It's the last in the whole SWAGG collection. 



19 books

5 series

1 awesome adventure


In paperback; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,

and now, along with all of the other books in the SWAGG series, in

gorgeous collectable hardback! 

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