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She's a Glossop Girl now

1️⃣ year ago, I moved back to the UK after many years down under. I found my new home in an extraordinary little town, perched on the very edge of the Peak District but a quick train ride from Manchester, AKA Cottonopolis. I've been so inspired by the history, energy and beauty of the place that I relocated one of my characters here, too. Meet Glossop Girl

A version of this book was first written for my creative writing Master's, based loosely on my grandmother's memories. Back then, it got me an MA, a literary agent, and the start of my writing career. Re-writing it has been quite the revelation! It's probably safe to say I've learned a lot in writing nearly 30 more books, and professionally editing/assessing hundreds more.

It's gone from a fairly factual join-the-dots linked with fiction from my shaky-foal-legs writing muscles, to (what I'm told is) a rollicking read for 10+. Think Enola Holmes meets Hetty Feathers, mixed with a dollop of Downton and a hefty dose of gritty reality. Yes, some of these horrid things are my grandparents' lived experience. 

As always, I have many collaborators to thank in this relocation journey, with heartfelt appreciation - to the artists, experts and fact-checkers who've created something lovely (you know who you are); to the town that's inspired me, and especially to my ancestors, grandparents and family, for meeting their tough lives head-on with typically Manc humour, grit and grace. ❤️ Hope Glossop Girl inspires a few more to do the same. 

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PS Any resemblance to hit TV series Gossip Girl is entirely accidental! Though if Gossip Girl star Blake Lively (who spends a fair bit of time in the north-west, I hear) would like to segue to British historical fiction, there's a perfect role for her ;) . Read the book to find out! And guesses on social media/postcard.

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